About Us

We strive for world-changing impact by creating value for companies, institutions and entrepreneurs around the world.

Aztek Global Ventures is a venture consulting firm of experienced entrepreneurs and former venture capital and business analysts specialized in technology commercialization, market penetration and innovation. We help companies to enter into new markets and to commercialize new developed technologies. We analyse, design and implement diverse strategies to raise funds for companies and entrepreneurs. We provide services for the social, public and private sectors, entrepreneurs, universities, research institutions and start-up companies. By working around our clients' patents, inventions, products, business and financial plans we provide innovative solutions that result only on successful ventures.

Latest News

  • 27APR
    AGV joins forces with the Center for Human Photosynthesis Studies.
    April 27, 2015
    After a long negotiation process, AGV has joined forces with the Center for Human Photosynthesis Studies in Mexico ( CHPS). The CHPS was the first technology and research institution in the world to discover the Human Photosynthesis phenomena under the direction of Ph. D Arturo Solis Herrera.
  • 29APR
    AGV launches the Executive Program in Mexico
    April 29, 2015
    Education drives econommic growth. With the purpose of educating the next generation of technology entrepreneurs in Mexico AGV has launched his Executive Program which will start at the end of May 2015.


Our Passion

We strive for world-changing impact by creating value for companies, entrepreneurs and institutions around the world.


We choose people and values over experience and money and we seek to create long-term relations with our clients and our partners.


We hold a long record of starting companies and helping companies succeed with a strong commitment to teamwork and a complete understanding of business and market dynamics in an environment of science and technology.

Client Reviews

"Aztek Global Ventures has been a key partner in the early development of our company, they introduced us to potential investors, clients, partners and advice us in the business and technology commercialization dynamics of our business."- Atanas Ilchev, CEO DataCraft, Bulgaria