Juan Eduardo Leal Lara

Juan Eduardo Leal Lara is a Technology Commercialization specialist with a strong focus in promoting entrepreneurship and the creation of new ventures in developing countries. Leal has worked in a number of high tech companies around the world including Reis Robotics, a German company focused in robotics systems integration and General Motors. From June 2011 to August 2012 he was a venture analyst at Alta Ventures where he also conducted an intern program which evaluated 7 companies for the firm's portfolio, 5 of those companies where turned into deals. In 2009 he founded Reagle Technologies, the first biotech measurement company in Latin-america which focused on automation services for small biotech companies. Leal is the Founder and CEO of Aztek Global Ventures.


Founder PNX Labs - June 2015

PNX Labs is a startup company specialized in the development of Virtual Laboratories for Universities and Companies. The company aims at the development of virtual labs for science and technology so that students can learn about physics, chemistry, biology, mechantronics and other subjects. For companies, they can train their personnel with better tools at a much lower cost.

EVP Flowplayer and Roxen AB - June 2016-Dec 2017

Flowplayer and Roxen are two swedish companies specialized in the development of software applications for the media industry. I was in charge of sales and promotion in Latin-America. My customers where companies such as LA NACION Argentin and Televisa México.

Founder & CEO, Aztek Global Ventures, March 2012 - Present

Professional business and new venture consulting firm which provides services to companies interested in fund-raising, technology commercialization and market penetration. The company has presence in Sweden, Mexico, US and India through its network of strategic partners. Aztek Global Ventures currently serves over 25 different companies in 8 countries that range from 250,000 valued startups to 50 million dollar companies in expansion stage with presence in over 10 countries.

Founder & CEO, Reagle Technologies, July 2009 - Present

Reagle Technologies was a biotechnology automation and development company from July 2009 to December 2011. Since 2012 it is a technology development company focused on identifying technology problems in different sectors and develop new products and technologies to solve the same.

Analyst, Alta Ventures Mexico, June 2011 - August 2012

Alta Ventures was the first Venture Capital firm in Monterrey and one of the major supporters of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mexico. I joined Alta Ventures during the first year of operations and was in charge of implementing the intern program for Mexican students. The first group of students that participated analysed a total of 7 investment proposals, 5 of those where turned into deals. It was at Alta Ventures where I learned about the venture capital industry and the importance of business models and value propositions.


MBA Renewables, Beuth Hoschule Berlin. Beuth Universitry of Applied Sciences - Class 2016

MBA Renewables is the first and only distance learning MBA programme focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The international study programme has been jointly offered by Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the Renewables Academy since 2011.

Bachelor in Science and Industrial Physics - Tecnologico de Monterrey, Class 2012

Bachelor in Science and Industrial Physics, Graduation date December 2012, 3.4 Minor in Entrepreneurship. 70% Scholarship Awarded in 2007 for High School Accomplishments. Selective Subjects:

• Value Creation and Competitive Models

• Innovation and Commercialization Potential

• Commercialization Strategies

• Financial Models for Entrepreneurship

• Nuclear Physics

• Computer Aided Design

• Engineering Mechanics, Dynamics and Statics